After years, the ex asks you, whether you want to meet with him again, because h

2021-08-25 22:04:35 ELOISE

Suppose you are in the good deal, he has developed into positive after years

I reject from choose 50%

I accept the invitation and see what develops choose 50%


I am currently 16 and himself had a separation with my ex and had bad experiences. Two years later, we are happier than ever and repented purely nothing when we would not have given each other another chance, it would have come to me. So my advice when he arrives after years and ask you Hey you want to do something to do. Then you can be sure. He never forgot you and thinks of you, most likely he loves you secretly yet. But think about whether you could still imagine a future with him if everything would go well and be happy. The most important thing that will happen to her is not difficult either: 1. Clarify everything among you and does not tell RUM Before it is clarified 2. Now support you 3. Relay open. That's all I can tell you, give him another chance :)


Friendly to meet. But back something together ... well, comes on what the problem was. If everything was perfect and only one thing did not fit, which would fit now, then I would meet him. But it is unlikely that it is only one thing, or now all the problems would no longer exist.


But only when I'm still solo. But that's not so fast, this will not be with a new relationship with the ex. He has to prove itself first.


Give him NH Chance as long as he has never cheated and was not faithfulTo lose :)


against a meeting basically does not speak - if the hint comes, that he wants something from me, then there is not the slightest interest.

After years, the ex asks you, whether you want to meet with him again, because he wants something of you?