The first time - just like?

2021-08-25 22:07:02 DARLA


I (W / 13) I have been together with my friend (13) for a long time and are quite happy. We have already cuddled together, hands held and kissing is knows my parents and I his. I took him cautiously about what he would think of "more". He said yes. At first I was not sure if he really wants that, which is why I asked him another time, if it really is ok that I would like to force him to nothing. He said he was sure.

Of course I'm very young, I'm sure I'm sure (for a long time).

However, I do not know what to say that my mother says ... My Friend himself also keeps worrying about telling the parents. (Besides it would beTo buy both of us both Condoms XD)

Does anyone have a good advice on how we can handle it?

Please no joke responses, LG!


Zwiwn kissing and GM are still very many variants.

Even if your older is, you do not go directly to the GV from kissing. On your question alone you can see it clear that it is too early for both.

He should first learn your vulva and to pamper your clit, and you should learn to have orgasms. Conversely, you can do it as well with him. So you can take a long time.

Just because he penetrates you, you probably have no orgasm. And that would be the meaning in the whole game.

So in turn.

All the best and have fun.


If you can not overcome condoms, you are not ripe for sex. That's one of the many klA fume rules in this regard.

Depending on how your relationship looks like your parents, it would not be badly addressed directly.


UHM, so ... actually goes not much of your parents. But if DUS but still want to say, then just talk to her about the topic and felt that you want to snatch with your friend soon.

Condoms can be btw. Also just order online, or you make the Big Brainer Move and buys next to the condoms a birthday card. So absolute Everyone will think that one wants to give away the condoms only;)


If you think that you have to tell the parents that you have to first It has not been far fromt and not even when a condom is embarrassed.


Yes, you are very young. You also notice that at your question.

On the one hand, you should be aware, there is more that you can do together, except the same "for the first time", ie sexual intercourse.

Try First in petting before you go to big steps.

The first time - just like?