Opinion of LGBTQ +? How do you think?

2021-08-26 01:05:07 JORGE

With justification please :) (Religion is no justification)

Accept and support it Choose 36%

Okay I accept it Choose 34%

Do not want anything? Choose has 23%

in no case Choose 6%


Acceptance and Support belong together, even if some denounce that.

Support does not mean that you have to go to CSDs and pride flags must have hanging at home.

Support already starts that you use for LGBTQ + if you see that e.g. A gay couple on open street verbally or even physically tackled -> civil courage.

If someone says he accepts LGBTQ +, but not supported, then I have to assume that the person would simply gain or go on, she would get into such a situation. And how can one say that one accepts someone when you allow that person to be connected verbally / physically? Even if you do not want to intervene yourself, you can littleThe police call and draw attention to the situation so that someone or more can intervene. That alone is already support, in which one does not look at and at least tries to help.

And since I belong to LGBTQ +, as well as almost all my friends, my opinion should be quite clear.


However, I believe that some members of this community do not prove any good service.


Accept everyone and I think everyone should doing what he keeps right and do not be ashamed of it.

Do not belong to it, but I accept it :))

LG Swiftgirl


Everyone can do what he wants.
Just because I'm MiR for me can not imagine that does not apply to others.
I think it's not good to hate the people of that, let alone rush.


Actually, it is normal to love the people of the same sex. If it were forbidden, it would be about as if the parents would decide who one should marry. I prefer to be careful with such topics, because I'm scared that I could say something wrong. But I accept it.

Opinion of LGBTQ +? How do you think?