What is it?

2021-08-26 03:02:08 VELMA

Hello, I learn German and I do not know what his + on + verb means. Z.B I'm on driving - I drive. I know only that this comes from a dialect and can someone say something more?


"I am on F Ahren" is the often so-called "Rheinische Graphsform". You often hear them in Cologne and surroundings. But not only there. It seems to be increasingly increasingly.

I like it, and I also use them in the written (Bin Lower Saxon).

The sentence means: "I'm driving straight."

Greeting, Earnest


If you are English-language, you can compare this with the Present Progressive. It's like "I am driving", but we use it it less than you do :)


I mean that "driving" means that you are just doing it. "I drive with the train" can also be an answer when someone asks you, where you drive next week. "I'm driving by train," says MThen, if you do it right now. Of course you can say "I drive straight train" to say that you drive at the moment train.

But it can also be that I'm mistaken. If so, I'm sorry for me.

What is it?