Suicide thoughts?

2021-08-26 06:00:54 SYLVESTER

I suffer from the disease CFS. I can not live anymore.

Everything is too exhausting, I can not do a sport anymore, I can not live normal and earlier ..

What should I do, with all doctors Me, yes. There is no remedy for this disease.


Well ... Unfortunately I do not see how we can help you. Surely I will not agree with you that you can "not live anymore" and therefore give up. I suspect you just want to let it out and talk to someone about it. That can help very much. If you want you to write to me.

I just hear me a little evil, but I'm very nice and very understanding. Even I myself had suicidal thoughts but honestly. There are people who keep worse. I think so: if the work then I actually have no reason.

Of course your illness is bad, I do not want to talk to you at all. And you have the right to say. Ok i have no bock mEHR. But give up is not a solution. I like to talk to me :)

Today I was z. B. a video suggested. Before that, I lay on the sofa and wanted .. how you "do not live anymore"

And Naxhem I had looked at this video I was totally perplexed. I thought: Wow the guy creates so much .. and I let myself half die here because of my past. In my opinion, I became clear how valuable life and since then I have done a lot. Was bicycle driving, climbing, painting, reading, ...

It's good to talk about talking about it, so I like to write. :)

Here is the link to the video if you want to look at it:


ME / CFS - OR? Divide forces (with the help of therapists and doctors) and contactto other patients. Unfortunately, unfortunately, it is not possible until further notice. * Kraftrüseschick

Suicide thoughts?