Can cats watch spiritual?

2021-08-26 06:02:51 HOMER

This is a question to the religious among us, so please leave the pointless comments.

I have on my farm a cat from my neighbor and I always go down to spend a little time with him, Unfortunately, but he only comes at night because he does not look at the day.

The cat often stares at an angle where nothing is, I am Christian and make me thinking about each time.

Can cats Because see something like that?

Thank you for your answers


Hello Mayori,

Cats are very sensitive and have a very good sense of feeling.

Cats look much more than we humans.

I know that of our cats, who have always observed something where we have seen people at all.

Cats can perceive supernatural.


Cats have very fine senses and take the smallest sounds and movements that people would not notice. She probably focused on something you did not see. A vole under the earth, a spider on the wall etc. Or she has smelled or heard.


I heard. They walk between the dimensions that here and the other world and SChat "your people" before evil influences from there. You see if there is something we do not perceive.


Yes Animals can generally perceive spiritual beings! Including angels, spirit leader and deceased! Is that you have no mind that you come in between! Do not worry, these beings do nothing!

Can cats watch spiritual?