I have no home?

2021-08-26 07:06:37 CAMERON

Today today was talked about the topic "home". It was not a place, but people.
That has suggested me thinking.

I grew up with my grandparents & for me these two people were always my "home".
My grandma does not live anymore. That always feels like a piece of my heart had gone with her.
My grandfather is the only person in which I still feel this feeling of home.

If he is gone, I did not have anyone & thus this feeling of home, "be arrived".
This thought is very busy and makes me very sad and at the same time I'm very scared to be alone.

Where do you feel "arrived" and WEM feelsR this "home feeling"? Would I like to be very interesting.

And do you think I can later be happy without a family?


Home is not a place, but a feeling.

If your grandparents have given you the feeling of home, then it lives in you and does not die with their death.

The memory of the good, attention, love, appreciation, that is your inner homeland that does not die with the death of your grandparents.


You will always be in your Wear hearts and if you think of you, you may feel that feeling. If you want to hear something else: I'm pretty sure that if you have your own family, this feeling will not feel clearly.

All the best for you :)


You can sometime reasons your own family and maintain them and maintain them. SectionChied of beloved people, as your grandparents have been to be, is always associated with great pain. You can certainly be happy and think about you and be grateful for you to have her. Not all people can. Many did not even have what you have / had, even if they have not been your parents. Surely you know what love means and that's a lot of value.


As a Christian, my home is mainly at Jesus Christ. We are now allowed to name heavenly citizens who, as children of God ( John 1:12 ), will be glory ( Revelation 21.4-5A ).

In Hebrews 13,14 is:

  • "Because we have no permanent city, but the ZWe are looking for. "


For me, home is home where I feel comfortable where I am accepted and feel well treated. That can be on the world. That can be all over the world.

I wish you that your grandfather still lives quite a long!

I have no home?