Can I be banned in League of Legends because I am on the account of my brother Z

2021-08-26 07:08:08 WILLARD


I lost my account in League of Legends 5 years ago since I was reckless and my account has given someone stranger. My brother therefore gave me his account because he barely gives League of Legends anyway. Since then, I just zoced this account and had never problems so far.

I just played the new game mode "One for all" and we got akali. I can not play her at all and since it is a fun fashion and I do not care about any champ in these game modes whether well with it or not on ADC Items , Until suddenly as it is already normal my team members tell me I say feeds and how I can be rank 7 with akali and still be so bad.

I then meant that the account VoN my brother is and I never play akali. Then my team spared that they will report me because that was not my account and I will be banned safely. They spamed the opponent too and even after the round they spomped that all should contact me.

I am very scared that the account could be banned and I do not know if that's right you said. You can be banned at all and what can I do against my aggressive team members.

Thank you for everyone who takes the time and helps me!


PS: My brother has invested a lot of money in this account and it would really be stupid when the account would be banned


No, Riot Games not only locks the account because you suddenly play bad. If intention, e.g. It can happen on the basis of chat messages, that can happen.

The account will get a worse MMR and you someday opponents on your level.

However, if your brother plays again actively on the account, it is unfavorable for a stable MMR. Especially when your brother plays much better.

It is also a fun mode. The best players can be bad in the mode.

So you do not have to be afraid that the account Von is locked today on tomorrow. Just give your best and have fun at the game. :)


Here is my short answer:

For bad play on a champ with Mastery 7 you can not be banned, unless you feed test with intention.

Account Sharing is strictly prohibited. Therefore, it is actually possible that you will be banned for this statement. However, even unlikely, because even if you wrote it the Riot Support can not exclude 100% that you only wrote that for fun.

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Can I be banned in League of Legends because I am on the account of my brother Zoke?