Is it badly bad today to be a "Schl * MPE"?

2021-08-26 12:00:38 CANDACE

Or is it meanwhile normal and accepted?


One had to define first, which is a schla * PE.

Alone there, opinions are already far apart.

That's why you should see yourself how to do. It brings nothing to live and behave like that, which it fits others better in their worldview.

There is always someone who takes something to you or does not fit something.


viewed by many as bad, from others as not bad.

As long as people who are most important to you, I see it, but I do not see any problem.
Would not matter for me what a few other randoms about thinking about something like that.
In the end, you do not shade anyone thus normally, which actually seen as nothing negativeshould be. As some said, that's not the case with men, that's why women should be ok in women.

Just because she is a "Schl * MPE", I would not have a problem with her personally. Yes many things are the more important ones are in a person, making it a small thing with how many guys they sleep and so. Actually irrelevant, unless there is a relationship in question and you do not trust her. But then there is the magic word "communication" and "to know better" before you have prejudices therefore.


I think that today's women who are more frequent changing sexual partners * have significantly more accepted. Especially with younger ones, this is greater than personal freedom in ever larger partsAnd "if you like it, she should make it" viewed / evaluate.

What else is it if the person leads, for example, several (sex) relationships without knowledge and consent of their partners.

But from my personal view nothing is at all against a varied sex life, as long as one feels comfortable, Safen has sex and not consciously exploited / playing with emotions. :) Should all make as you want.


NE, types to use how they use partially women should not be regarded as a more verifer.

Although I do not consider too much of it, especially in heterosexuals, and the word is incredibly female.


depends on which youI mean. In English there would be two terms for this. One would be the "B * TCH", which is more negatively burdened and "Hoochie", which is more sexual.

And the problem here is that you can not even appeal to such problems because you can not call them!

Is it badly bad today to be a