Sister and mother want to take turtles in the plane?

2021-08-26 12:03:06 HARRIET

I'm somehow stunned over my sister and my mother ...

We are on vacation, my sister wanted to buy turtles here now to hold in Germany as a pet.

My mother does everything my sister wants, otherwise it will be very aggressive.

Now that today's turtles bought, on my question like you want to transport the animals, I just only wanted to get the Answer "We have a plan." The question looks like the plan said my mother said that she and my sister pack each turtle in the trouser pocket to get through the security check at the airport.

I was stunned and Please asked the turtles to register, pay and for a proper and secure TRAdport to provide. That's absolutely irresponsible but I have no say. You have neither an aquarium, nor food nor not yet.

Now ask me:

1 • What is the likelihood that the animals die, I guess the probability as very high as a huge stress for the living beings is. Printing on the plane, then in a trouser pocket ....

2 • It is very likely that this is noticed at the airport (I hope) what will come to us then? Will there be a fine and could we miss the flight?


For the import of turtles you always need a CITES export approval of the origin land and an import permit to Germany.

If your mother and sister actually carry around the turtles in a trouser pocket for hours then, then the animal cruelty is first class !!

they are caught - and it is to be assumed (scanner at the airport, control and x-ray of hand luggage ....), then that's damn expensive. If that happens in the holiday country at the exit, you will certainly miss the flight, because such offenses require police interrogations and and ... / Souvenir Guide / Country Turtles


Will IHR caught when check-in, there is a lot of trouble and you will miss the plane. If you are lucky, it's just a fine.

If the animals are noted upon entry, there is a criminal proceedings in D. The animals are confiscated and there is a 4-digit fine.

Because of such people, the animals are cammed on site are threatened by extinction.


depending on the country And the turtle of turtle can happen if you get caught (and the chance is high) that you hike up to 40 years in the beast there.

otherwise turtle in the pocket will be funny at the latest when son animals A genera can separate a thumb with such a bite.


I would be thereKnow nothing and tell the authorities, even if it is the family. If necessary, I have to go to the bathroom and then stuck that a security guard. This is incredibly irresponsible by your mother and sister. Do you even know how much work do such turtles and how unpleasant the smell when you do something wrong?

There are far too many animals bought just because they are sweet and later they will be exposed again because they did not think something All this means responsibility.

Should the two have come through (and the animals survive) and realize that it is not for them, then at least use that the turtles were brought into a shelter, and not thrown into the next river,


adopted by the coming by, then after arrival in Germany, that's what the animals have been well and held in style. But I'm pretty sure that it stands out at the airport. Where should you go the plane? All the time in the bag does not work, you must finally have oxygen. Your family is really a catastrophe.

Sister and mother want to take turtles in the plane?