Is it really better to stay away from women?

2021-08-26 12:04:35 LEE

Have a youtube video seen where to say that a man should keep away from women away. He explicitly addressed the younger audience and meant the 15-25 no girlfriend should have.

In these 10 years, so much happens that a woman should have no room. At these age, least their focus can properly put. A woman costs a lot of time and money. The teenagers today are too much to please girls. This is noticeable when at school the notes get worse, exchanging training and you will not get along the front and back with the money, because you think you have to be a week to the hairdresser.

Every man who is not gay Find women horny, nothing is to be reputable. But rather in a young year Ggive and then with status and money, appearance scenes and premium women pop, rather than any. From 25 he said, you can go in search. There are most of them with both legs in life.

He has compared that with Porsche. Most are all only so vw, Renault, not because they do not care, but because they can not afford the Porsche. And why? Because they have set their priorities wrong. Everyone can eventually drive Porsche instead it will be 10 VW's.

What do you think?

I see myself again. I've also lost focus when I got to know at the women. You are quickly distracted, etc.


If you come to the world, you are constantly around you in the healthy case, you will continue to develop while you will find feminine. One speaks of psychosexual development phases.

In a mentally healthy development, women are around you, even during school time. Sexual success, there is tons of joie de vivre and energy to learn.

I do not believe that JMD grabs the high school and after graduation and women are consistently switching off. Of course, that would be the ideal case because a relationship can be created quickly half a throughout the year's depression, fatal for studying therefore women are a danger but also energetically incomprehensibly gaining more than you in the SCCan be built with.

I belonged to the category Nice Guy, which I wanted to take off only friendship, I have therefore retired to learning in early adolescence and given me with porn and prostitutes, both can not give you hurt. However, the degree in the former satisfaction case is the risk of developing a deferred violence if you are constantly feeding his eyes with played sexual violence (Wikipedia violence and pornography).

There is this beautifully shitty saying "Life is what happens While you make diligent plans ". I want to become a civil servant as a second career choice, for that less than 10 years learned and you do not believe it seems it seems that I'm looking for a phased porn pornnessThe bin, this is an attack surface for corruption, but still stands in the ultra-crass ratio with things like the sexual self-determination right so I find it highly unfair between suffering and not suffering singles ...

I am now 38 , My train is left, no career, little money barely friendships, so beginning 30 you should be in the ideal career on the road to the success of the road, which does not find a few women attractive where money does not replace a partner character.

If you are using Porsche A female ten meant as an entry-level model I have to look a mediocree from home, and have studied a market-dominated studied. The few start with the ten and I believe a lot of pretty InstagramGirls miss the train because they do not want to specify or can, it can be beneficial if you only have 10-20 partners to choose from ...


in the ages between 15 and 25 Are people orienting people and often make the course for the future. Especially there it is important to learn how a relationship works, how to work together. Who fits one, who does not and so on.

I would speculate, who had no narrower or intimate contact until 25, whether to a woman a man or anyway, whose life we ​​live Also rather lonely and little lucky.

says: Do not believe everything that tells anyone somewhere.


What I say. That's a friend exactly in diIt can enrich someone. The first time you meet the right love. Actually, exactly the partner and the partner should help and support the person.


But in the age, mostly I think the guys are more false thinking and do not even have a lot of time for the girlfriend because most of the rather only gamble or constantly drink / party / meet with buddies.

And the man is not responsible for paying everything or make themselves chic. Money should definitely play no role.


Understanding that you do not have a girlfriend in a young age is nonsense! ##

It is important not only on to concentrate the girlfriend, etc what many do wrong but also to school, education, etc.


Life is also to learn how to correct a relationship correctly.

If you think you should learn that only with 25, then do that.

Is it really better to stay away from women?