Where should that lead and what do I do?

2021-08-26 13:01:08 TED

Hello everyone together,

I do not really know it anymore, it's about my relationship. I'm really full of trouble everything as far as possible. It was somehow monotonous in the last time, so I made myself the effort to get something new wind. That was apparently not right, as it usually ends in the dispute. But we are talking about it.
I told her that I wanted to do it better and possibly something better but it does not matter.
This morning, e.g. I wrote her if she had slept well, because I got only a patrded answer and what was a dispute again.
I now told her I will now do a devil to change something else, as it always expires in the dispute.
I do not really know what's going wrong? She says himself that she's great as I'm fine, but then why the whole dispute?

Hope you can help me further, I'm really on the ground.

Best regards ✌