Have the feeling of my heart warring?

2021-08-26 15:02:34 WILLIE

Hi, I'm 14 and have the question probably already asked but I'm hypochonders and have a generalized anxiety disorder. For couple days I feel so tired and weak and if I walk I have the feeling right away and my heart will stop beating, wars again so little air so at least it feels like it.

I want Do not die. I've only done a blood count a month ago and was all good bleeds of iron in the blood but now take the iron tablets all the time so I do not think that it is on iron deficiency that I feel so bad. I can not go back to the doctor and with blood taking that also thinks I'm crazy



If you already say you are hypochonders, I would suggest that the psychosomatic. Somewhat a fear cycle. In this case, it could be that you are quasiested that your heart is striking under stress and the fear in front of it ensures that your heart races, you dizzy, possibly hyperventile, what causes you think you think Tip.

In addition, by a blood collection, you can not see everything that may go wrong in the body, because you often do not know what you have to look for. Say with your doctor and sign him the way you wrote it here or looking for a psychologist to find the trigger.


I thinkSomely. Only feels like that. But nothing is.

Have the feeling of my heart warring?