Circumcision yes or no?

2021-08-26 16:01:27 ANDRES

Hello i are hot Leon and am 14 years old. I've been thinking about whether I'm curved I should not have a medical reason I want to make it easy because it looks better and more hygienic.

That's why I wanted to ask what you think

It feels the same for the man and the woman or man and man

What are the advantages

What are the disadvantages

and what is the case with justification please [please


At the age of 14, I would advise you from it, simply because tastes still change in the course of life. In your age I really wanted tattoos. Today I'm glad that I have no and find it more unfortunate. At 14, they have not yet had no or little sexual experiences, but you should have but you should have before choosing a circumcision. Because maybe you like your foreskin in a sexual situation suddenly totally good. It is a decision that is irreversible and having one with which you have to live all your life long. Consider you well and does not meet any illegal decision. I'm trimmed and would not be. In contrast to you, however, I can not just make an op. I'm gay and likes BEides, at the handjob I find a foreskin but advantageous.


Hello Leon, think about it very well. A circumcision should only take place from given medical reasons (say phimosis, paraphimosis, with strong problems withdrawing the foreskin, constant inflammation in the field of glans etc). You will love to lose a lot of masturbation and late sex.

I have thought about 14 for a few years, very long and often read me, partly talked to my parents. But I'm very glad that I did not do it. This is so with one of the best sources of information, of course one per circumcision page, means there will be no informatiOver the not little disadvantages.

As I said, it's good. Have thought for 5-6 years old and sometimes I'm still not sure.

Optically, in my opinion, it looks very good, but the problem is as I said that many nerve ends sit in the foreskin and just lost them


It's not Hygienic both do nothing with foreskin is your acorn even more safer than without and without your acorne also loses important nerves that your penis makes you so beautifully sensitive to sex let you rather tune Mur benefits and costs do a surgery even if it does not have a medical Reason


Without a medical reason, it has only disadvantages and the riskEN This OP should not be done simply if it is not necessary. There is nothing more hygienic, if you wash yourself regularly, so let it be easy.


If you can prune you miss the foreskin so many nerves are missing. That is, the masturbation or sex does not feel as intense as a foreskin. However, it is still enough to have great sex. When masturbating, however, you measure smooth help because yes the foreskin is missing.

Without foreskin, the penis is not "hygienic", but it can be cleaned more easily / faster.

Direct advantages has a truncated penis in women is it in the case of sex or coined, but women or men have different loveSo some may be purely visually the circumcised and some the uncircumcised more.

I have to let my foreskin take away my foresub and find it a pity because they also have their benefits but you can live without them

If you have no medical reason the foreskin too then do not remove it, except it "burden" too much or whatever


Circumcision yes or no?