How do you find the hairstyle, and how often do you have to cut your hair?

2021-08-26 17:04:18 ARTHUR

How do you find this hairstyle, with a man at about 28 years?

How often do you have to cut the hair if you want to keep the hairstyle with (hair grow relatively fast)?

The hair top is a bissle longer, and maybe go back to the side

I do not like it CHOOSE 81%

is OK Choose 13%

Like Choose 6%


Absolutely not my taste, but is probably in, and if it is one .... you definitely have to cut that every 4 to 6 weeks. Razing possibly more often.


sees how to say in the 80s, after an aelglanded popper hairstyle. Popper were nicely letties that overly put on casual styling and brand clothes.

I think it's too styled, too little natural, up a mountain hair, makes the head visually longer ...

Such hairstyles are only durable with lots of gel. Immediately after washing or unhastylated, the long front hairs and upper head hairs are constantly annoying in the eyes. So you have to be permanently style.

As a woman I like to grab the hair of a man. ThroughwusChern is a sensual experience.

That does not work with such stiff styled hair. It feels like to engage in a hair spray wire cage.

So: visually perhaps okay, except for the optically prolonged head, but makes a lot of work, little possibilities to go unhastily and feels uncomfortable at the fitting .


Find this hairstyle so Njäää ... because most of men with this hairstyle are that they are simply arrogant


From the front is still okay, but from the side ... makes the head longer. Meh.


The plaster looks completely stupid.

How do you find the hairstyle, and how often do you have to cut your hair?