Why do people have suicide thoughts, though they have more than enough in all ar

2021-08-26 18:01:53 MEREDITH

Hello. If you are healthy, friends, has a family, has enough money and can afford more, and much more. Why do such people have suicide thoughts? So what do it create? Is it on the monotonous life? Namely, if you have no serious problems, why do you have suicide thoughts? Or do such people have to have depression? I understand the person with problems, such as depression, illness, family problems, and much more, suicide thoughts. But what is the reason if you already have everything? With everything I do not want to be a millionaire now but vllt. Wealthy, so still air up. Maybe someone had had experience and can divide it. Nevertheless, I do not want to attack anyone by my question, but question from NeuugieR what the reason can be. Thank you


Materials is not all in life.

And you can still be so prosperous to have so much friends and have such a seemingly happy life with family and everything that does not protect everything from depressive thoughts or even worse: Before a tangled depression ,

People with suicidal thoughts often simply see no other way out of their psychic dilemma because they have gone to grease for solution-oriented thinking. They are often no longer able to decide objectively and rationally.


Because they feel all alone or feel too much pressure, others or more likely to meet themselves.

It may also be that eggNe idea does not fit or has not been fulfilled and can fall into a deep hole. One can build out to the outside a super versed, there can be one everyone, it's a great, but how it really goes, nobody asks.

Money alone does not make it happy and often when it comes to a bad thing, you will be enlightened.


Partly heavy depression are a symptom of our "modern" society - Maybe, because we (almost) can have everything!

We will be directed, manipulated and controlled to do so that we are told what is right and what's wrong - we hardly develop own values!

We need more courage to extract from the herd - and to find our own wayn, and to go ...

Many so-called. "Arms" people are richer than those who can have everything - that should be considered as "society"!


Increasing experiences. Either one ills psychologically and the suffering pressure becomes too big, or one loses everything.

Company goes bankrupt, bullying, etc.

Some who did not have any problems that did not cope with such problems and commit suicide.

They simply do not stand by their problems.

by lack of resilience.

They do not value life and then see their way out of their misery in their own deaths.

SoAdwas is of course selfish, because someone who has everything like money, family, etc. should actually be happy, but maybe eAs there are any discrepancies that are not as outstanding.

Best example Robin Williams, who has hanged up because he suffered from strong depression. Nobody has expected that.


Prosperity is not all. Maybe man does not live the life he wants to live is in a relationship he does not want or has a throat, e.g. That he is homosexual and can not live out and tell anyone about it. Maybe he does not like it 0815 and he wants to do something that is really fun for him, but can not because he has battles that hinder him

Why do people have suicide thoughts, though they have more than enough in all areas?