Is a god gracious and forgive?

2021-08-26 19:04:38 LISA

If he also believes people also forgives people who are voluntarily divorced from life. Does he also with people who did not believe in him and did not follow the Christian faith after their death?


Hello Janjost6756,

God was always believed in different ways and also in different characters.

But we can equate God with love as love too free of belief from any natural and its framework conditions universally and clearly.

The love results from love the unit. Grace and forgiveness preserves unity and manufactures them, where they might be broken.

Love knows no assessment and no punishment. Thus, grace and forgiveness will not become an opposite of it, but something that God gives in his love of a person to self-application.

Consider the case that someone is voluntarily divorced from life. That would be an eIgene decision against the unit with himself - and the person would also be excreted from love.

Now no process is possible after life - and love is defined so that they themselves can not lead processes, But people lead them in love.

So God can do, love, even nothing - even if likes to believe. Then the person who is divorced from life in his own decision leaves their soul outside of love - and I like to say: closed - and nothing can open again.

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Jesus clearly explained it:

Thus her belief like a mustard grain, so you like to say to this mountain: Hide you from Hinnen there!So he will lift himself; And nothing will be impossible.

He was right. It is not impossible to cope with things as arbitrarily, and it is even possible to believe that it was so hard to happen.

It works even when the catering of a God. Only the matter with the natural laws is there a small sturgeon factor, because those always apply, even if you get away. The hardest faith does not help against the fact that causes also have effects.


Yes, that's it. At the same time he is also completely fair. And from this justice he punishes too.

And no, it's not like you believe. Suicide is a heavy sin.

Abu HuraiRa reported that the Messenger said God:

"Anyone who commits suicide in which he throws himself from a mountain, comes to hell. And he will continue to throw away from the mountain there all time. Anyone who commits suicide in which he takes poison to himself will find itself in hell permanently to find this poison to himself. Anyone who takes life, in which he spins his stomach himself with a metal rod, becomes forever in the hell on eternal, to sit again and again the stomach.

[Source: Kutub-U Sittee Hadith No. 4935]

This applies to all types of suicide. For eternally in hell, forever, on all time, these words do not listen to forgiveness.

And no, he does not do that with the unbelievers. I do not say that from mes. The whole Koran is full of such statements.

Especially these:

Koran 3:85

"And those who seek another religion than Islam: Never should be accepted by him, and in the hereafter he becomes be under the losers. "


Your worries are really unfounded. Remember that people of the God are always their respective possibilities to introduce a competent power, which is almost an extremely excessive figure of their own upper priests. The priests are the creators of the deities, because with the establishment of a "transcendent" almighty and omniscient instance unevenly better the people can move to a socially conducive behavior. A "I tell you that you are so andSo should! "Is uneven effect weaker than a" by me, the deity tells you that you should behave like this! "

For this reason, there are also thousands of deities, all specific were constructed on the concerns of the respective human community. All deities have only human behaviors, primarily dramatically excessive behaviors of mighty people. You can read that well that the deities have the negative properties of the mighty people. They are Early, totally narcissistic, always want to be worshiped and worshiped, are sometimes miserly and unfair, fighting their competitors (especially in the Old Testament), and are completely wIllbur, who they promote and reward or whom they punish and damage.

So it is no worried about a real existing power that could influence from the outside into your life, or may even punish you. If you would feel punished, it is the shares of your superior from the unconscious, which were set at the time of your important caregivers in early childhood, and we sometimes feel the whole life in us as a moral instance. Gods are constructs of the priests, but our unconscious behaves often as it is easy for us to believe in deities outside our sensually capable world.


According to the Christian Embassy, ​​all the Kingdom of God's attention, WEStrut for justice (in the largest sense) and act afterwards. It is not decisive what a person believed or at all. Of course, the Christian "faith" is helpful to meet.

But do not make mistakes made by users / contributions, which promote "faith" here and hunt your bible texts around the ears. These did not understand the Embassy of Jesus or want to hear by this synonymous. There are slaves of the written belief that do not want to have the liberation (redemption) by the Embassy of Jesus.

Is a god gracious and forgive?