Meaning of life?

2021-08-26 20:02:08 BRAD

What is the meaning of life for you? Why are you on earth?


Please serious answers


I found my mind. My opinion to the meaning, maybe that helps you:

Of course you can have fun. You can do meaningful doing z. For example, people help to be there for others to use for the environment or donate money. I set myself e.g. for fair trade.

I am a Christian. Many people believe that God gives sense to life. God loves you. If you want to know a lot, which convinces me that there is God, then you can e.g. Questions or go to my profile.


Good lunch Silbi,

For many, life is just life. Everyone lives differently. In life it's about making experiences to learn, things aTo try, but that does not mean that the intention or goal of life is. It's just like that and you make it what you want. And if you want or need that it is about being the best possible person or as a test to get into the sky good for you, why not. But I do not think that's a universal truth.

I think the full sense of life is to grow. It may be a bit contrainuous, personal growth, after all, something is a significant part of life, but does not make it the full meaning of life. But as I see it, regardless of your beliefs, is the most important thing you can do here, progress. Life goes on and when you would go to Darwins evolution theory,It is constantly changing.

The first purpose of a single form of life is to survive and have survived species throughout the history of this planet by adapting. Developing itself means adapting to adapt to survive and to survive means living. But for people it is more complicated than that (and yes, even for some animals). People are questioning things as you are right now. For people, it is not enough to just live. A person who just manages to survive, we just give life. We are always looking for something, be it luck, love, god, knowledge, success, truth or money, etc. is therefore the true meaning of life to achieve what we really want or thinkN, that we need it? But as soon as we have reached our goals or dreams or whatever, we just have new ones. If the true meaning of life would be to achieve a specific thing, why does life continue then? Why do we feel that we have to go on?

That may sound like something you would reading on an inspiring poster and it's probably as abstract as it seems, but in life it is clearly not To the goal, but about the journey. (I see how you roll with the eyes) The goal, the results, if you are now those you wanted or not, are just a consequence of what you have experienced before what you have learned which decisions you have taken or did not hit, and it is also the productRandom (or fate, or happiness or karmas or fate or as you want to call it) and the results are not nearly as important as what you take out of all that. Whether someone who is close to you has died, whether you have won in the lottery, whether you have written a book or hurt someone who is important to you, if you are in prison sitting, whether you have just got a baby, or just that College finished, or if you are on the death bed, the question is always where I go next? And the future likes to provide the answers, but the past is what leads you and the present is the way there. And that goes back to what we said: Life means developing.

Then there is thereStill the second goal of all living beings, the first one is to live, which means much more for man than just surviving, the second (and the first most important if you ask a biologist) is the reproduction of the species and securing their survival. Obviously, reproduction is not a problem for humans, but the survival is at the game, because not all people have what they need to survive and themselves who have it, do not necessarily live an emotionally healthy life. Obviously, sometimes we can provide people, sometimes not, but even if it is not a matter of material, we always have something to give. So we can evolve and help others to further develop.

In essence, thePeople three things: luck, love and masturbation and they find different ways to satisfy these three needs. As I said, just to survive is not enough. If so, people would not commit suicide not to start revolutions or complain that their iPod is broken. They would simply say, "It's ok, I live" and realistically, no one is satisfied with "just be alive" if "just be alive" means that one is breathing and has no hunger. There are physical health, which we definitely need, and emotional health, which can be an impairment or a driving force for our physical health. For our emotional health we need luck, love andSelf-satisfaction, or at least we have to be able to believe that we can achieve these three things. So what we really are looking for are positive "energies" (positive vibrations, thinking, etc.) and what we try to get away is negativity.

I hope I could help you with that. If so, I would be happy about an award the most helpful answer.

Greetings, and pleasant day,



Inhalation, exhale. Look, eat, running, sleep, talk.

Water flows, stars seem.

The real meaning of things lies solely in the things itself. As with dancing or singing.

If someone thinks, the meaning is it to live for a future, something positive too errOaks and something to leave, then the meaning is just as in the things. This "thing" here shows a future sense.

That's the least meaning of life to live. What you do from this is up to you.


very too bad that no one is able to seriously answer. So I take that just.

In Reli-lessons at school, I have answered this question once "The meaning of life is to die." Of course, massive horror triggered the teacher (at the same time pastor).

I still stand today. My meaning of life is that you die again. What I do in between is in the end, it does not matter in the end - because it has no influence on the end result at all. If Inow so great, and trigger an atomic world war, in which I'm dying - or if I'm going to be 120 years old and then die only for others a meaning.

Yes, that's a very strange view, I know .

It is more interesting, as I will spend the time between birth and death. The priest said then that one can at all times from the "in between" at any time. Of course you can do that if you want.

Why do not I see a meaning in life ???

Why should I? I do not need any sense to live. I do not need goals to live. And I need no reason to live.

I just live. I'm trying to make the best of my life and nobody to go to the nerves ;-) But firstI live - now and here. And I do that too, without meaning and purpose.

... as I said: my very personal view.


Be happy and make other happy.

Meaning of life?