Is this woman a sadist?

2021-08-26 23:03:54 ROGELIO

The speech is from my sister. She had met some men, accepted false identities and sitting them several times. A man waited for her in front of the front door and stood his love, she tried him to do suicide by triggering him with words and actions that come from his suicidal time . She did everything so people suffer and regret.

Later she was with a man cycling, she gave him an extra heavy bike and selected the steepest mountain to torture him.

Once once she fell with my phone to a man that I supposedly interested in him, just before the meeting she insulted him about my cell phone as he his voice and Sshowed a face.

We share 3 cats, she gives her always little food, so that the cats fight for eating to determine which is the strongest cat. Cats pair them too, on the internet as a serious breeder and sells sick babies for maximum prices.

She says, in life you are either killed or you kill yourself. And in our world where the diplomacy prevails, you just have to fool and trick all now. She always laughs and told me everything because she is proud of her action.

It is sadistic choose 82%

It is slightly psychopathic choose 18%

You ist simply played choose 0%


Honestly? From my amateur, she is sadistic and has psychopathic trains. She leaves other Suffe and uses its suffering! Just as it sounds, she enjoys this suffering - whether in men or cats.

In any case, you should take away the cats - as the first measure.

In my eyes she would really be A case for a psychiatric clinic - at least in your description. Voluntarily, she will probably not go there, because she would have to realize that something is so true with her so completely.

and can be used to make them only when she commits a criminal offense. Animal cruelty would be e.g. Such a criminal offense (or is that only a misdemeanor? Am not a lawyer).


I will not set myself, but it does not sound healthy, she should look for professional help, but it is most likely not to have the insight and believe that she does not need help ...


Jup, for me she is a sadist. This is how it seems to see people and animals suffer from people and animals.

What makes you doing sick, especially that with the cats. Distancer Dear from her, so which people are dangerous.


I recommend you other contact points, such as the police, psychotherapists or number against grief.

Since you can tell you what to do!


You should at least the cats somewhereNGE. And also ask yourself if you want to continue to do that. What about other family members, did you talk to them about it?

Is this woman a sadist?