Old-fashioned / childish room as a teenager?

2021-08-26 23:06:38 CRISTINA

I do not even have to invite someone because my room looks old-fashioned and childish, and others have modern and cool rooms ...


At the moment I am synonymous if I compare my room with those of friends. Either it is because I still have much too many old things of what is at that time and too little money into my room to make it look at it.

But my God. It's just a room. I'm just there anyway to gamble or sleep. Otherwise I am mainly on the way. It's not worth having money to put money there, so it looks better. Most things like cabinets just have to fulfill their purpose and it does not matter how they look like.


First contact - your parents - because they are the cost of taking over the obligation.

But why asked differently - what does for you "KindiSch "," Old-fashioned "-" Uncool "?

Can you portray this picture?


Were me as youthful, I then have other curtains Heart and the childlike wall painting with posters of grim heavy metal bands, hemp leaves and half-naked women are glued.

The Internet is also full of DIY ("Do It Yourself") videos and tutorials, how to make your facility with cheap Capture and a few simple steps.

a different painting of the piece of furniture, other upholstery covers, curtains and decoration elements make a lot out.


What could be childlike at one "Nursery"? Bed linen with bunny on it, as well as curtains, children's books in the shelves, wallpaper with locomotive motifEN o.Ä.! A carpet with road motifs, posters of your favorite stars from 10 years ago, stuff that you have cooled a few years ago and / or self-made ...

What do you think about the rooms of your friends? Furniture like bed, cupboard, desk? Wallpapers, carpet, curtains? Lamps, pictures?

Sit yourself together with your parents and ask them if they could help with a transformation of your room.


Develop a bit of self-assault, that always works well and then it works with the room facility!

Old-fashioned / childish room as a teenager?