My roommate is very stupid? Help What to do is you really stupid or just clumsy?

2021-08-27 00:05:16 LESTER

My roommate (28) is not the brightest. She asks me at all about advice. I'm really driving through. Yesterday she screams so incredibly loudly I was totally scared, just because her little cabinet is overturned and her earrings have fallen down. Then she cried and meant she needs my help. I was in the shower and I really got the crisis. Couple hours later, she had to write down something for her work 3 sentences what she did not manage. She cried because these 3 sets are so exhausting to learn and write down and hurt their hands. I turned through. Then she did not get her sim card into the mobile phone. By all the, neglected your WG tasks how to bring the garbage down. Your food does not make you clean or throw it away. It vergaAmmelt years in the fridge and she means she forgets that she has it

Help ??? I can not take off because the location for my university is perfect :( What should I do?

I just considered to react shortly thereafter if you call me, but you mostly ignore it .. I'm really crazy With this extremely lack of dependent art with 28

even if you pack something in the oven, she knocks on me and says that I should look at ..

She is with everyone and everyone overwhelmed and cries only. Do not think that's not possible but can not move

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Whether it is stupid or not, no one can judge here. She is just as she is.

You will not be able to change it. She has to want himself. So there are only 2 options: either you arrange yourself with her or one of you pulls out.

All the best!


Have you not met her before?

Just say her as it is and that she has to take off

My roommate is very stupid? Help What to do is you really stupid or just clumsy?