Can a duration vaccine cause side effects?

2021-08-27 01:02:33 DAN

I have found a new report of Carsten Stahl, where it goes for the long-term vaccination!. And now I wanted to know how likely it is to cause or even die with a possible durable vaccination?¬if_id=1629980539686561¬if_t=watch_follower_video&ref=notif



so general. Medicines can always have any side effects. Even Baldrian can have side effects. How to make mild or violently the then in individual cases, you usually always know afterwards. And the more often one takes a drug, the higher the probability of it occurs. This is in the nature of the matter.



The side effects are probably not more than now. You also have to see the benefits. These companies can rely on fixed revenue. Health insurance companies have a new reason to increase contributions. One could open a new professional branch, vaccination doctor, for example. That can then also all the othermake refugees. Is great. This gives planning security for all.


Facebook is not a Valide source. In the usual daily newspaper like time, FAZ, etc. I find nothing on the subject ...


I have found a new report of Carsten Stahl,

Na Yes, Carsten Stahl is not exactly the brightest candle on the wreath when it comes to vaccination. Since you should rely better on the scientists of the RKI.

Can a durable vaccination of side effects?

No. There is no "duration vaccination". There are vaccinations that need to be refreshed regularly. For example, every year or every half years.

But long-term sequences can not occur in vaccinations. The IMPFFoff is injected and is back from the body after two days. You can not suddenly cause something in six months.

Long-term can follow - as the name implies - only if a drug occurs continuously over for a long time will.

If you take a Viagra every half years, you will not suddenly get a standing stand sometime. It is clear, right?



In the former 3 annual, today 5 annual FSME vaccination, nothing special favors nothing special.

Can a duration vaccine cause side effects?