Would you be vaccinated with 17 against Corona?

2021-08-27 03:04:44 ROSA

I would like to vaccinate against Corona, but I'm not so sure if the recommendation is really that good. In the news I have heard that the recommendation for 12-17 year old came so fast because of the election campaign.

I'm worried that there are more or unknown side effects at 12-17 year olds.

Can you enlighten me, whether it makes sense with 17 and is just as harmless as older?


If you have no pre-existing conditions or are not pre-charged to health, it will most likely be irrelevant from the health aspect for you. However, you can continue to push the Almighty vaccine quota, from which all all want to make everything dependent. I can not give you any medical advice and also none of you personally tailored recommendation. I can only tell you that you then have no headachery with endless tests for participating in your life to the end of the pandemic. Since there is probably large and long-term 3G in interiors (or already exist, I'm not sure), you will definitely save many tests.


in the N / ACharts I heard that the recommendation for 12-17 year old only because of the election campaign came so fast.

After the vaccine was also admitted for 12-16 year olds, political pressure on the stiko was exercised to give out a corresponding recommendation. Because the approval means can vapor , but the recommendation of the stiko is called vapil.

This pressure did not give up the stiko, but it aligns its recommendations purely evidence-based. The Stiko has only given a recommendation after having spotted and evaluated data from millions of vaccinated children, among others from the US and Canada.

I personally believe that the Stiko recommendation can trust. She has this decision NMuch made easy and their recommendation scientifically well founded. And there, it becomes clear that even in this age group, the benefit outweighs the risk


Now I became in December 18 and in June the emission and last week the second.

I'm not overlooked and apart from the lightweight side effects, I do not notice anything else in this vaccine than with the other, older vaccinations.

I think it comes on how ripe you are and ripe how far your body has developed. Some see with 17 like 20 and some 17 year old look like 13. - If you think you're both physically and mentally old enough for vaccination, Why Not?

Only because the recommendation "from 18"reads, it does not mean that the vaccine looks different if you get them with 17." From 18 "means" after puberty ". Eyes you are only with 21, then it's an old one On which one can orient oneself, but no border.


The stiko makes no election campaign. It is not elected.

The same recommendation for minors is also available in the USA and in Israel. Both are very far away from a choice.

Why exactly should the recommendation of the stiko be election campaign?


Jap, I would.

All data of the vaccinations also speak. The recommendation of the Stiko a political decision? Then she would have come much rather.

Would you be vaccinated with 17 against Corona?