Why are many women lowering if they are in love?

2021-08-27 05:04:39 NADINE

The question is the question.

I also feel like myself that if I am in love, I'm rather tend to think reasonable, which makes me a lot broken ...

I want, if I meet with a man, a day without kissing, for example. And he tries it too. But in the end I throw myself felt on him ..

So why are there generally women thinking and find the still appealing?


Kiss What Beautiful

I love to do it

As a humiliation I do not see that in any case


He is a habit animal. And most, not always, these women have already experienced disregard or violence in their childhood.

The desire is to stuff old emotional holes. Only, that does not work. But they always try it, because they do not know it otherwise.

Therapy helps!


What has to do with humiliating, if you both want to do it? Do not get that somehow, please explain that.

Why can many women be lowered when they are in love?

Because women (as a "abdominal issue") usually much moreEmotions lead - or let it carry out.

It is important to "earth" even despite "Rosaroter glasses"! To be sober - to get the "legs back on the ground"!

A good advice of my Opas - Remember, if your sweetheart goes big to the clo, then it smells as strict afterwards With you!

To properly classify your "infatuation" ...
  • Imagine your (single) life is like a piece Delicious pie!
  • The relationship should not "extinguish" your (single) life but enrich - a "added value" Bring - as delicious cream to Delicious pie
  • should the relationship break, which can always happen, then the tastyCream away, but it still remains the
  • delicious pie
  • - your (single) life - with all your hobbies, your friends / relatives, your usual environment, etc.
Did you throw everything overboard in your infarity in favor of your "better half", so you felt in a very "deep hole", should break the relationship.

All the best for you!


There is also the opposite of it.

Why are many women lowering if they are in love?