After the Afghanistan Disaster: Should Germany leave NATO?

2021-08-27 05:05:27 ANGEL

No, we should not leave NATO. Choose 66%

Yes, we should leave NATO. Choose 34%



That does not make things better.

NATO has to learn from it, but it does not bring anything to make a completely pointless step now and then "single fighters".



You should learn from this, current bets reconsider that something similar does not happen again and more focused on covenant defense again . It takes a certain counterweight to Russia / China.


In any case, not premature.

But it would urgently need to renegotiate the basics of the Alliance.

I agree with the American side that the European partners have to make a small contribution and do more.

GLEichzeitg can not tackle it, but the Americans take out without free-free and green light from Europe, unauthorized in our neighborhood to strike any weapon walks.

This affects less the war in Afghanistan, but very well in Iraq, and About the interventions in Libya and Syria, as well as the way they have gone and how to deal with the result, one will have to talk.

For me it is important that the existing contracts Within the framework of NATO by 4 points:

  • Europe must increase its contributions to NATO and guarantee that.
  • Europe undertakes contractually unauthorized without permission of the US outside of its own territorial possessions any miOn the other hand, the United States undertaken in the Mediterranean in the future in the Western Hemisphere, the United States undertake nothing more in the Mediterranean (North Africa and included, except the American warranty obligations to Israel) and Eastern Europe without majority "Okay" of the European partners. Can not be that the Americans lead out of their own interests in our backyard and like those who have the consequences of wear and take the refugees.
  • The United Staff undertake to sit down with the Russians as to Syria and Libya at a table and in realistic ways to strive for a breakdown of conflicts, clearly determining that, given the situation maximum requirements, such as"Assad has to go away" and "Syria must have a democracy to the western pattern, which are finished Russian influence," obviously are not realistic. It lies in our interest that these conflicts are ended and when the Americans value our cooperation, they should meet us there.
  • There will be no negotiations on the intake east or southern (beyond Central Europe) to NATO adjacent states, without even Russia's accession to NATO being officially offered to defuse this conflict and thus the Russians for All times to make sure that NATO is not an alliance directed against them and they like to participate in taking the Putin Regim times the base of his fighting rhetoric.

UNI would start this awards a whereabouts in NATO, that I also consider to be moderately and not measured in terms of demands. If one can agree on something like that and gives the conflict with Russia, you can then also talk about more cooperation against China.

If you can not agree on or comparable, the US continues to get higher from us Demand contributions, but want to control and control the policy of NATO without restrictions itself, according to the point of view of American, national interests, then I would end up using our contributions soon to build a European Alliance and a corresponding army, strengthen, strengthen and cooperation With the United States Sukkze

If you can communicate in Europe among the great era of Germany, France, Italy and Spain (Great Britain at the moment rather not), on a common army and a common defense policy, you have all times that Military potential Russia to be able to be able to point to the barriers, that is no longer the highly frightened Soviet Union with half of Europe as a supporter.

And for more, we do not necessarily need Americans in principle.


No NATO is important but we should learn from it and draw consequences


There is no single reason.

After the Afghanistan Disaster: Should Germany leave NATO?