Shorthair section?

2021-08-27 05:06:28 STEVE

Hi, I (W, 24) I'm looking for a new hairstyle. Have at the moment shoulder hair and would like a change. How do you find this hairstyle here? Could I imagine that

one can bind a braid in the length?

I find good choose 67%

I find not good choose 33%


  1. The Ponny is far too short
  2. The hair rolls a bit pure

So Carré is pretty but I would do this More preferred here:

But the hair color of the woman in question I found much prettier than with her.

Oh, yes, to the 2nd question, so if you can bind a braid: you can almost always make it on where and how that stands.


"Could I imagine that"

Thus you gave yourself the answer :)




Would you be fine, if you had long hair all the time. An attempt would be nice if you make it for the HERBB.

Shorthair section?