No good unit (training) and negative thoughts do not consider?

2021-08-27 05:07:04 DUSTIN

Hello, I play relatively high football and recently had problems with football. So with your head. I was never right there and about my 30 out of 100%.

Then I came from the holiday after two weeks and then had a game directly and then I did that well.

Today I had working again and it was a very bad again (so I had no pressure and wanted to play IV and play the striker. In addition, I did not win a two two-fighting or still Not even got in) only one unity and I immediately fear or thoughts that my competitor plays.

How do I get that out of my head?
And how do I get a clear mind again and do not sit so immediatelyter pressure? It's just the first time I have such a strong competitor.


It's just the first time I have such a strong competitor.
  • Try to see it very positively.
  • You will be more demanded - and will make you feel better. But only if you are not afraid to make mistakes.
  • See the stronger competition as an incentive and challenge. Take really pure in training. Be a light wax and turn fully motivates u. Emergency.
  • And if you notice your competitor is lens really better, then do not desperate, but " Make the escape forward " trying to make the "residue" by special units (alone or two) . (In terms of technology - two-leggedity - Overview - Fancy accuracy - Diashot behavior etc.)

ALures good for you!


I'm not so the footballer now, I can not tell you so much for the game. But blockages, with the head not be there, (game) techniques can not get. We are all no machines, we have bad and good moments and a corresponding constitution. You challenge recovered and relaxed from vacation and played top, right? Yes, you worked through the training what you always do anyway. You are carefree and free to go into the game and were good. And sometimes you just have problems like training. Unfortunately, that is so sometimes. You can only do his workout and good, better than nothing. But, do not go crazy. We are not all world champions, or always the bestn. To lose, not good for training occurs and is normal. Do not build senseless fear with the head. Go through the game and ask you what you could have done better. Maybe ask yourself if you wanted to play something that is not so really appropriate to your skills. Would you better have played another strategy? Think about it.

No good unit (training) and negative thoughts do not consider?