Can you undergo anyone of a brainwash?

2021-08-27 05:07:54 DELIA

Can you undergo any person of a brainwash? For example, their political orientation completely change only by external influences?

How does something go?


Of course one can influence people. Every human being increases to a certain extent influence his environment and his fellow human beings. For brainwash it is the same, only in a different scale / with more power behind it.


It does not work with all people. Very intelligent people are immune to brainwashing. If anything, it works only when it is made in childhood.

Brainwashing is indoctrination with all agents. Indoctrination is influencing thought with unclear or unproven theories. Often they are hammered with radical methods using rhetoric, a person. Since an intelligent person can not be impressed by such attempts, you can do itCH not brain washing. A "successful" brainwash, therefore predicts the victim is stupid.


as long as on television and on the radio up and down, until all start, which are good.


No Everyone does not work. But most of them. And yes you can plant as accurate political worldviews, daily processes, etc

how exactly something is done, I will not explain to you in the approach, that's know what no one has to have

Can you undergo anyone of a brainwash?