Due to 2 Joints main negotiation?

2021-08-27 05:08:40 EDGAR

Hello, I was controlled by really 2 (!) Joints in the bag about 1 1/2 months ago. Then I got a summons from the court today that I have an indictment of this and have a negotiation. Is not that absolutely ridiculous?


How old are you really? Time 21, Mal 19 in your questions ...

If you are a minor, you can count on a trial.

One of my sons got 2 warnings in his negotiations (social hours and various conditions), once it was 0.42g in the grinder, once he held a joint.


Probably you have come to debts before, or are still under 21 years old? Otherwise, the probably only sent a penalty command.

For minors and adolescents, social hours are often awarded in the first drug lit, so that they do not resort to drugs again.


Yes, I'm not for legalization but I'm thinking that theTime is wasted for your trial. And instead of hunting heavy guys should hunt and accuse.


If you are a minor is customary.

lt. You are your questions 19, sometimes 21, but you will charge you for youth criminal law.


Ownership of drugs is a criminal offense.

Due to 2 Joints main negotiation?