Do you find me pretty?

2021-08-27 05:10:33 ALISON

Hi So am M 15 and find me pretty because I do not know how other people find me ... please be honest. The camera quality is not the best and the light is not but I hope it works.

PS I am felt 20 minutes in front of the mirror until I had the picture Haha

Edit yes I look a little bit funny but I'm going out of curiosity and I'm actually very confident with a few things to be clarified

Yes Choose 38%

rather yes Choose 22%

No Choose 16%


Rather No Choose 9%


Hey, although I'm a boy, but already think that you look good and that certainly some girls find you pretty.

But this question should actually answer you because you have to find yourself pretty. Do not care if others say that you were ugly or pretty, if you find yourself pretty and like themselves, everything is fine.
Work a little at your self-confidence;)



May the expression, clothing and pose, but not the face isg quite good

Eww I hate to make it compliments


Although I am a boy but I think the girls find you pretty.

You have to taste you sEarly fallen and not the others.

Normally, only people with no / little self-confidence do this question ... but you can change that well; -)


You Are a normal boy, all right. The photo, however, is cramped. ;)


LAD a normal picture of you up, on which you do not look that way, as if you were totally pretty. Or are you always looking for?

Do you find me pretty?