Since you also in christmas ??

2021-08-27 07:03:37 WINIFRED


I know this one and last was shit.

But sometimes a serious question, am I only in christmas mood? Last year, crapign was really shitty because Ka was all shimmer than I was with my sister (21).

Who is in mood? yes I know it is still august but well it starts with me already at xD


I'm not in a Christmas mind for a long time!

We have in the middle of summer. Yesterday it had over 20 degrees, the sun seemed and it was really summery.

Autumn starts only in September. Then the autumnal mood and Halloween comes first.

Next month is election. People think of something else than Christmas!

From September it should be gingerbread and Christmas cookies in stores.


No, I want the W Do not even hear! I still hope in sun and warmth in September ...

Since you also in christmas ??