I love her, but find her attractive not attractive ...?

2021-08-27 12:01:57 SHEILA

Hello, I'm somehow somehow in a situation where I do not know how to handle it ... maybe someone already has experience or just a tip.

I have myself a few times hit with a very great woman, we also kissed very often, had sex and just understand each other well. I believe it is already from both sides already in the direction of relationship. I think I've been in love with you and that I currently could not be without her, but the "problem" is that it is not really my type by the external. I'm not about having to have the perfect model body or necessarily brown hair or something, but somehow I find them out of that attractive. Nevertheless, I like them so incrediblyGladly and think nothing else than you. Do you learn someone outwardly too "love"? So it's clear that you always say you loves people, it comes to the person and not on the look and so, but it must still please a yes I'll please.

I hope you understand what I mean is a bit complicated to write and not so stupid come over, that I just look at the exterior and so! I do not want to stop contact with her because there is so much too great and I really like it.

Does anyone have experience from you? How do you deal with it and change this with time?


I had such a "relationship", which even went for 2 years. And I still feel a quite idiot today when I return to it.

Why? Because you will hurt her! With us was great, it was almost the most beautiful relationship I've ever had of behavior, understanding and harmony. My head did not find a reasonable reason for a separation, nothing that I would probably miss or improve - except for her.

I always had in mind that it would become unimportant to me over time. The sex was good - clear, maybe not visually so happy, but intimately and harmonious, still fulfilling. Well, but it's always a little doubt in mind. Of course you are superficially, clearSomething loveless, clear is the idiotic, but what do you want to do? I tried to talk to myself and fight against it. For a whole for 2 years.

And sometime she started with family planning, integrating more and more her parents and .. I realized that that will never change and I really have to decide. I pulled the rip, she injured her hard, left her incomprehensible and I'm very sorry for today.

I've simply in some respects just superficial than I wanted to admit, but I could not drive the relationship ,

Since then, I will never follow a connection, because that did not earn a woman. That's all I can say, and in that my advice on you too. GelHal times deep in you and ask yourself if you could get that better. If not, finish it as soon as possible to save your grief.

Love Greeting,
You Are Awesome


My question is: If you do not find them attractive, how could you go so far and sleep with her? Why do you make your hopes? If you are already so much doubtful then I would be in your place to stop the contact because the longer time spends together, the injured person will be you.


Just try it with her !!! We dimmed whom prettyer .. the world is really superficial .. sorry .. Even if you tried to write it differently .. you love her .. that's what toughLt .. And it's about it .. But you do not really love her, because you can not tell you as if you do not look like it looks .. Then let the Knuzsdhe and Sex be the same

correctly Love is about DNE people and not over the look

Attractiveness should not play a role but our society simply conveys that


Nevertheless, I like them so incredibly And think of nothing else than you. Do you learn someone outwardly too "love"

Do you think that your friends, your environment had a different girlfriend from the optical for you? So you're fixed on what others think?

If you do not think of anything other than you, then you are already in love, your expectationEN are just very high to the optics.

Yes, you can also fall in love with the girlfriend, after the motto falls in love 100 times ..... that happened to me already.

I wish you, because it would be a pity if it would fail.

All the best for you.

Paula You have to know what it's worth it - Whether you are as accepting as she is or just not as she does not seem to match your ideal ideas in all matters. Your perception will not change - whether your settings changes to you. Sexually attractive you seem to find them, otherwise nothing went there.

I love her, but find her attractive not attractive ...?