What can I do against it?

2021-08-27 14:01:49 ROXANNE

Me M 13 After the holidays 8th grade will soon drive on class trip and I have a problem because if you are probably going to take a shower and then you're probably all to take a shower, it is totally unpleasant to take me to shot there because I stop naked in front of the other I know who you can do about it


I hated that at that time, this shower in the massage. I've usually had a pretty late in the evening showers, then there was almost no one there anymore.


Mostly there are individual showers, otherwise there are a swimming trunks, all half so wild!


That's not the same time so it was not the same with me and you could distinguish the shower


We unfortunately failed with us Because of Corona but I know that from swimming lessons. Take Bikini! Shower This and of course the "intimate area" should also be cleaned. That's what I can do on Clo. Take a shower gel and then wash yourself on the sink.

Even if it annoyed I wanted diRally say that you do not have to be ashamed, but I went the same way :)

What can I do against it?