Why are gays in schools always so unpopular?

2021-08-27 14:04:40 LUCAS

With me at the school you stop often "Are you gay or something"? "Ey du Schwer * Chtel!"

I do not know a student who is gay, but I do not like it that great.


You can not generalize that. Specifies which, which are popular. However,

However, I think that many of these people know the word "gay" or use for fun. For me there are a few guys and girls in the class, which something like "are you gay or something?" Say, but nevertheless have nothing against gays.

But of course it will give those who really have something against gays. This can be due to the education, on the environment or to the media. Religious reasons could also play a role.



Because teenagers feel better and "cool" if they can make up others, even if they did not do anything. Most have unfounded prejudices and never beforeT spoken to a homosexual person.


Because the majority of students are no different than the population majority.


Because what doing for me is not right Is forbidden in my religion in Islam that is my opinion!


Because our society is not as tolerant as we believe. Especially in the school this will be mercilessly clear.

Why are gays in schools always so unpopular?