Film evening with girlfriends?

2021-08-27 14:05:21 MEGHAN

Hi, I'm 12 and wants to take a movie evening with my two girlfriends. Do you have good movie suggestions (love films)?


comes on which direction it should go. Of course there are always something in the direction of 'a whole half year' or 'Titanic' or 'The fate is a lousy traitor' where the TV is practically dripping from romance and drama. A whole half year I switched off because it was too stupid to me sometime. I only looked individual scenes.)

But there are also such classic coming of aging teen films such as 'easy to have' (personally highly recommended), in which less focus on the romance is actually on this coming of age history.

So if you might be an exact direction (because romance is really a pretty wide-growing genre) might mightSomething more concrete will be with my suggestions.


A whole half year, the most beautiful girl in the world.

, among other things, very beautiful films, but no love films:

Honey in the head

The Nanny

Step Up Miami Heat

Suddenly father

Pretty Best Friends


Netflix: Kissing Booth parts

To All the Boys I Love Before

AGE Of 17

Easy to have


ISI & Ossi

Amazon: Shes the MAN

Ruby Red


Sing. There will soon be the second part of out.

  • The Age of Adaline (my favorite of those here)
  • Even is the bride
  • Everything a question of time

Film evening with girlfriends?