Who is still unrighted and what justification?

2021-08-27 16:01:50 FREDERICK

I'm not vaccinated for many reasons, and decide for me. And let others show your decision without pointing with your finger.


Enemies of the C19 vaccine for health reasons and solidarity.

I would like to receive my health and no unnecessary, unknown risk. The viral flu against which it does not protect, I consider it less dangerous.

Why solidarity? Handling against global totalitarianism. For each measure we eagerly fulfill, you will again invent new measures. The vaccination certificate as a universal ticket is to become an instrument of control and monitoring, and we may under no circumstances allow.


The risk for me a coronainfection at all is only small. More than a slight cold of it is absolutely low. Of this to deathn about as high as in the lottery to win the jackpot - and I do not play a lottery from a good reason ...

In contrast, the vaccine does not seem to have a benefit. "Virus load at Delta as well" - so much for the polytaked "solidarity" ...

In addition, the risk of vaccinations for me is absolutely unaudible, especially as women have suffer from side effects.

So: no visible, mentionful beneficial use, but I would say unknown risk - no good deal.

Anyone who liked to vaccinate, please, but any missionary attempts or other annoying comments are undesirable here under my answer. Going to your hamster nerves.


I am vaccinated and also showFingers