Do you believe that our grandchildren, and their children can still live in this

2021-08-27 17:00:53 MARION


You have to go through because you do not wash rain. It is too few are already recognized slowly, but without a reasonable fertilitiet rate, there will continue to give problems in society, because the rising age pyramid makes power. False family policy, system-related are the reasons.

Interrupted could only be interrupted by a great war, should humanity want to allow humanity, although the outcome of such a gun approach is well known and the Apocalypse would mean.


certainly. However, I also fear that their knowledge of spelling and punctuation becomes worse than it is already.

The panicmaking with the waterHe is pure in the television advertising nonsense, because water is in a circulation, whether we use it or not.

The use of solar and wind energy is nothing bad in itself, but who has an idea of ​​the heat balance in the atmosphere, which also knows how poorly dark areas are - and how do solar cells and solar collectors? Right, you look dark and therefore warm the ambient air, therefore promoting the global warming. And wind turbines must be lubricated. If not with fossil oil, then just with bio oil, which then requires again reserved agricultural surfaces. And at a time in which there is still hunger in the world, while we import agricultural products because we use our agricultural surfaces for bio-oil production.

Finally, the good electric cars with the Lion or LiPo batteries. In addition to cobalt, lithium is a very rare raw material and in extraction both with the most harmful and poisonous. Of course, that's really great when you think of sustainability.

Who does not see any irony in which today is considered environmental protection, sustainability and so on, in which the intelligence is at least almost extinct. Sorry but is like that. Obviously, nothing has been concluded.



but certainly not in the same way as today. Whether it is better or worse, remains to be seen.


Of course you will be able to do that.

Man is very adaptable.

People live in virtually all climatic zones.


We can not look into the future, but I would say that you have to fight with many problems. With war and hunger and natural disasters.

Do you believe that our grandchildren, and their children can still live in this world?