I want to go to the doctor?

2021-08-27 17:02:57 JOYCE

Hey I have a suspicion of a ribbed impeller but my caregivers do not want to go to doctor all I do not have to do what?


Why do not your supervisors want to go to the doctor with you, if you do not feel well? And if you could do not trust yourself alone, then you will have to overcome.


If you do not trust yourself, then it will not be so bad.

Otherwise, you still have to go or climb the supervisor again that you have strong pain - he can not refuse then.

Otherwise, a level is higher and complain and please help you again.

mention that you have pain. Margarita A ribbed impeller goes away from alone. Since a doctor can not do anything. Sonya Tag. Euceta otue, you can do moreDo not make a ribbed impeller anyway. Ginger Save the way: impossible ribs? Since you have to spare yourself a few weeks.

I want to go to the doctor?