Sister caught me in masturbating?

2021-08-27 21:00:43 ALTON

Hi I'm M16 and my sister W14 caught me masturbating me this morning and has seen my best piece too.

Now my question should I address you so ask if it was bad for you and so or rather leave it?


Let it be based on or talk to it with a wink and tell her that it was both an unpleasant situation for you and she would like to knock in the future (do you have it in your Rooms made or elsewhere?).


Can I imagine that it is embarrassed, but masturbation is something completely normal, now do not see bad. If she would not respond if she has a problem she can address you.


I think it's just as embarrassing as you. Just do not speak about it is the best.

In the future, you should make sure that you can not be disturbed .


Hi, I know that is not funny, I have sElbst a twin sister.

Once I was visiting more than 1 week and in the evening I was in the gesture room and watched TV. When I asked a question to my sister regarding Netflix. So when I went to my sister's bedroom, I knocked, but there was no answer so I just went in and my sister had sex with her festival joy. Of course I went away. The next day her boyfriend was away, he had NH appointment or so, so she addressed me on it and we had a slip-up, so I had sex with her, but we found both well and have already had sex more often.

PS. Those who want to know last this morning


Honestly I think you're much more embarrassing.

I wouldFach out.

Sister caught me in masturbating?