What do Swiss Germany see?

2021-08-27 21:05:33 ED

So the life and the population of Switzerland is noticeably affected on any levels (society, economy, politics, etc.) by German positions or behavior in a special way, as a Swiss, one does not get so much with what Germany is on the diverse Levels so drives? Are there any dependencies from Germany?

With this I do not mean any attirls or prejudices against Germany but the daily events from the point of view of Swiss residents with a view to Germany.

I would be particularly happy about Swiss news.


I would have to deal with me, I also interest me directly. Demonstration Z.B in Germany are limited. But think who is interested in researching the reason.

Dependence is quite strong economically. When it comes to money.


The economy is not so much dependent. This varies allings from industry to industry. After all, Germany is one of the largest sales markets for Swiss products. The industry delivers a lot than automotive suppliers. In addition, banks are interested in the business location. But otherwise the "dependency" is quite limited.

The domestic policy in Deuschland does not intersect in Switzerland. The outer poleIt is also of a preconditional interest and is more likely to be seen with EU foreign policy.

What kind of topics do you speak concrete?


Many think that Germany is lost, which is also true, the states are not better.


The Swiss are not dependent on Germany.

And many like Germany because you can shop cheap and can make the teeth cheap. (For refueling is Austria better)

What do Swiss Germany see?