Do my panties omit under the skirt?

2021-08-27 22:03:54 ANDY

Hello, I am Lea 15 Since the summer holidays I have a totally loving friend he is 19 and is totally sweet. It is my first right friend!

The problem is that I always have to totally tighten He also buys things, belly-free tops and mini skirts I should wear that without panties and bra, just when we're going on with his buddies. It does not bother him when his buddies see me naked.

In the Opposite!

I do not know what to do he always says I should not do so.

What do you mean?



A Totally dear friend takes care of your feelings and does not force you to do something you do not like.

Shooted him in the wind, other mothers also have beautiful sons!



He is proud of it, such a pretty / You even like to have sexy girlfriend and maybe he likes his friends a little jealous of him.

But: You are not his property, you are not ... "Trophy" he will be charged Seeing!

If you are uncomfortable if you do not want that, then tell him. Take him

clearly that you do not like that. He has to accept that ...


Good morning!

Please do ...? So I think there is something going on

very huge ...

And though wrong ...!

I know yes Not what you have for fetish or sex settings ... that would not tackle me too - but maybe it may be (or you too) a kink for you to show you a little vacant in front of other people?

If that's not the case, it sounds like that (sorry, I just have to pronounce it) as he exploits you to be the satisfaction of other people ... and that's exactly not only extremely disgusting at this age from him, but also really depressing. If you do not want to separate yourself

part of this guy and seek someone who really loves you ... because Lie LieBe is not like that! I take care of my girlfriend instead of putting them out of the greedy looks of other men ...
Greetings & "Good luck"

Lunatical // Justin


I'm a man yourself, but what your friend does not go. If you should walk around without a slip, then that should be your decision. That's his friends naked so naked so that's not possible, that's enough for you like a piece of meat. It shows you as I would separate myself from him.

Because at some point, one of his friends comes over the desire and you are raped or sexually abused. That happens someday, I do not want to wish you. I can fool myself but I believe that less.


He always says I should not do so.

Then you should, as far as you only have for 50 cents, should shoot these empathic types as soon as possible into the wind.

That's what I should wear without panties and bra, just when we're going on with his buddies

Would you soon be able to service his buddies soon?

One should basically only doing what you want yourself and do not let yourself be talked about by a guy that you should not set yourself so.

Do my panties omit under the skirt?