Deceased animal - foreign feeling?

2021-08-27 22:05:48 KEVIN

I write again on behalf of a friend. About half a year ago, the animal died of him. They were a heart and a soul. His question is now:

I miss my animal every single day But every day it feels stranger when I think about the animal, as if it never really existed. What is that for a feeling I love my animal but about everything ...


Thus, grief can now run ...
It is a long process away from the old connectivity that has been reused every day to realize that this time is over And still reminding reminders and place in the heart.


So after textbook he would be in the 3rd mourning phase to Verena Kast. Here, man starts to complete inside and slowly understands that the relationship with the deceased can not be the same anymore. That's probably that he was perceiving, you can see all the mourning phases, possibly he was still in the 2nd of domestic the emotions still mastering the process. Regional Association Munich / Lacrima True Entrepreneur-Fuer-Children-In-Munich-and-Rosenheim / Service-Knowledge / Knowledge / Mourning Phase-After-V-Kast /


You have to learn to say goodbye and maybe even forget details that is not a betrayal or missing love.

This is an important process to stay alive.


It's good that it is like that. You can not live all your life day and night with the loss square. It is a kind of protective mechanism of the soul.


This is normal. Would be bad if it were different

Deceased animal - foreign feeling?