Was it well?

2021-08-27 22:07:03 MERCEDES

Hello. I w / 19 had last Saturday with M / 22 a date in the cinema. We did not know each other. During the movie he took my hand someday and when we drove back he had his hand on my leg in the car. We went a bit of a walk at the sunset. Since he also held my hand. (He also paid the cinema and so much. He did not want me to pay) you would say the date ran well?


Under no circumstances is that bad for you. It's good that he wants to take care of it, where others go to full and to give everything. Looking forward to the next date with him and then you will see how it goes on. I wish you all the best from the heart.


No plan ... holding hands now does not say anything about whether one was on a wavelength, could talk well and have a lot of fun together.

Apropos Handels: I find at the very first DATE right at the beginning in the cinema now badly dramatically. You hardly talked about a word, do not know you, but hold hands?


Moin first,

Oh, the cinema is yes NedAl, because you're not talking to each other, but I think it was very good! That with the money does not have to mean anything, but the fact that your body contact has had, shows that there is an interest available.

Walking with the walk is really quite nice and romantic.

I would definitely try it with him


Human, I first read "Date in the toilet"

Well, it seems like it's good at least Gone since you have admitted all that, of course, was pleased.


And if he had rammed the tongue purely, it would have been bad?

Seems Yes to be a real character type. At the end you have paid with the bad character - he has

Was it well?