Will you always become so sad if you think about the your beloved pet sometime o

2021-08-27 23:03:09 KRYSTAL

Hello :)

When I think about it, my dogs die sometime, I'll be sad immediately and sometimes killing me a few tears from the cheeks ... :( I'll get a panic immediately, if It goes badly or you hurt yourself or similar that you die ...: / If I hear or look good to a good question that a dog or a pet has to be embraced or died I'll be sad immediately and would prefer Make-up ... :( I'm glad that it's good for my dogs and that they are healthy ... but often this thought that all expects us, namely our pet has a limited time on this planet .. ,: (

Are you the same?: /

Yes, I'm doing the same choose 67%

No, I'm not so choose 17%

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me is It does not matter choose 0%


I will also be sad when I think about it, but then I always think immediately in the other direction and thank you that I can have time with my dogs. For the dog it is not as bad as for me when he goes. I try to give them a happy and filled life and am grateful for every day they are there, no matter how many it will be in the end. When your time has come, then I leave you alone. Dogs feel their own grief and I want you to go with positive feelings. That's why I try to feel gratitude instead of mourning, even if it falls hard.


My kitty is now 17 and does not hear that well ... D. H. that you sometimes meNot not that when she lies around and dessert so does not react ... Then I have sometimes shit and my heart resting, if I tackle it, for fear that she feared forever ...


I'm fine! I'm already scared that my hamster dies someday. He is only half a year old, but still. At the thought of that, I will also be sad. But one should enjoy life with his pet and not always remember that it dies at some point!

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I have always tears in the eyes when I think that my beloved guinea pigs or my beloved cat will eventually go from me.

But: All our animals will then be over us WACHen and maybe we'll meet you at some point!

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