Why is it easy away from Tinder?

2021-08-28 01:02:05 DARNELL

Why is it for me away from Tinder (in bars, clubs, with friends etc) very easy to meet a very pretty woman and more (kissing, sex) than on Tinder? At Tinder I even barely match matches ...


The ratio of men to girls at Tinder is probably 20: 1

On average, a man sends about 10 requests to different girls!

The probability, So that a girl receives an answer from a man, is 1 to 10. The likelihood that a girl answers you is 1 to 200!

Maybe you just go down the street and ask every girl on the street That would have better chances!


Must lie at your winning broadcast, which does not over the photo


Because on Tinder to 95 % Only Fakes are on the way. There are significantly better apps.


Because the girls know directly who you are,They have scanny good antennas


Because Tinder is not the real life.

Why is it easy away from Tinder?