Friend a bubbles as a boy but not gay?

2021-08-28 02:05:16 DANIELLE

Hi, I would like to blow my friend a bubble, we've already heard a down and often talked about topics like penis in length and so so sounds like something stupid now? In any case, I do not stand on guys but rather on women but I would like to stop my friend a blow because I want to try something like that. Do you have tips as I could tell him because I stay with him next week on the weekend. Thanks for answers!



Your buddy seems to be quite open-minded in terms of such "experiments", otherwise he would not have participated. It can be good that he has already considered the same with you.

Since you may definitely ask him openly. If you both like it, that's okay.



Do not you prefer to do a handjob first? Then you still can, if he agrees, after the thing is out, go with his mouth at his going.


If you already talked so openly and have already tried so much , just asks him about bubbles.

Maybe he would like;)


Could him ask himN

Friend a bubbles as a boy but not gay?