Girlfriend does not hold on to composed no-gos and lies what to do?

2021-08-28 02:06:21 LAVERNE

First of all, one has to say that the first to get to know ago were made to certain rules! Both are more conservative, at least their statement, I definitely.

For example, there were no new contact with men, women or exen, be honest with no matter what and of course absolute loyalty. For you, as well as for me, porn or eg in social media count on other women or men abandoned. (Has nothing to do in the case with jealousy, as is the case with adolescents possibly the case, was also their idea that I was Naturally supported) just as you do not speak behind the back of the partner badly. If there's a problem you can simply talk about and clarify as it should be in an adult relationship. I have kept all these things to all these things.By contrast, it was more and more contradictions and lies. Am anyone who can overcome about much, no one is perfect, I do not, of course, did not make mistakes but never at something like that. At some point it is enough for everything I do for you. She does not need to work, she wants to be a housewife and later be there for the children what I think about it.

Nevertheless, she has broken several of these things several times several times, even after several times it has promised what one has promised. From stories and news others came to me more and more doubts. She had made a few pictures of us and wanted to watch her ... There I see the craziest insults, allegations with a friend who does not even know me in her gallery. (Trust was there from the start, ICH had and have zero problem if she takes my phone and what looks, just as opposite, should be at least so among adults, you have nothing to hide in a serious relationship with possibly marriage). In addition, the abandoned over other types etc ...

I love you very much and really wants a family with their reasons, but I have more and more feeling that they have two faces, at least not very trustworthy and certain Things are only uncovering me on how to talk about everyone about each other, for example, who is just not there.

What do you mean?

Giorgios / 36


Tja lies leaves scars in the trust area.

If you are your rules too rigid, then you have to discuss with you. So say that you want to have this or the somewhat loosened.

You can always take each other and redefine arrangements.

Who makes a friendly face towards others and barely turn themselves Way bad about her talks, I do not trust the way. Yes, that is rightly,

Therefore, she talks about what you just disappear. For to be honest, if my husband would talk about me behind my back or accept when friends of him talk bad about me and he does not push a latch.

So says I WEI do not like her but I love her. If I need your advice or want to know your opinion about something, I ask you but otherwise that is just simply no topic.

So I do that too and therefore I would really question the relationship if He does not stop anyone who causes me.

Of course, the topics that burn them among the nails. But it is also open to expand your very tight game rules. So that you also exchanged you with other people of the other sex etc. But that then puts open. Just because it's harmless. So you take the partner with and there is no reason to worry.

Because one has only afraid of unknown anxiety or reacts suspicious.

So I also got to know a man who was then became our shared friend. So it was quite an enrichment and vice versa I am also open to it.

It is enriching for a relationship if you are not too rainy. It is important that one takes each other with each other and nothing behind the back of the partner happens what he should not see or listen.


Puhhh, so first I find your arrangements any case feasible and adult.
I would clearly tell her that you do not know how it should go on, if you do not believe in such agreement and that unfortunately you do not see a future.

Hope that helped you. Much luck!!


Sorry, but if alreadyDistrust and disgust are there, then that's not a good base for a marriage.

If you're already going on you now, that will certainly not get better if there is everyday life for years.

on the topic Working: Working your wife quietly! .... Do not understand me wrong, but if she is already so - you wedding her, she does not work because children, etc - (there she then has a lot of everyday leisure and you financially finances you Also, and at some point it comes to separation - then it is certain that she has financially "extracted" .... if she has worked nothing to her lives, what do you think, who finances her the hint ??

Conservative is good and beautiful, but for livelihoods have both parts contribute.

Girlfriend does not hold on to composed no-gos and lies what to do?