What do the young people listen to music / musicians in Japan?

2021-08-28 05:01:07 JAN

Moin a question that interests me very much, I really liked to hear music like that, which also heard the young people in Japan, just out of interest. Would be cool if you write me a few songs musicians from me also playlists from Spotify etc. Would be very happy about many answers ☺️


Pop music, Japanese and American.

Anison (This is called anime music in Japan, the Japanese like comic abbreviations) or vocaloid for karaoke.


I have made half a year abroad in Japan, and it has It turned out that the young people Japanese are very high on American pop music. So Ed Sheren, Jason Derulo, Justin Biber, Rihana, ... but in karaoke bangs are rather animesong sung.


So I am Japanese and I can not give a correct answer
Because many people have different tastes
I can tell you what I like to listen to music
something like:
99zed x saliva gray - self sabotage
Burgos - white girls in the backOf The Bus

or even

Yates XV - Dead in 2008


I've just looked at the top 50 Japan playlist and I can tell you say that above all the band BTS dominates. In addition, Japanese also listen to official Dandism and Yoasobi


No idea what is currently in Japan in the charts, but I find eg Kenshi Yonezu and some of Official Higi's Dandism, King Gnu, AKFG very hearing value. My last find was Yohlow by Yoh Kamiyama, the MV is very successful.

What do the young people listen to music / musicians in Japan?