Which vaccine is the safest: BionTech, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson?

2021-08-28 05:04:11 LUKE

Since I will most likely soon become victims of vaccination, I would be interested in that of these three vaccines is the safest. (Extremely reluctantly, I will have to splash the poisonous soup.)

The BionTech vaccine can set up something with the immune system (against corona reasonably immune, but against nothing more), sleep and visual disturbances cause. This is not a jury, I saw that myself in my environment with his own eyes.

Astra has a high thrombosis hazard (and is not revealed in my area anyway) and Sputnik has an embarrassing low protection rate.

To Moderna and J & J, I know nothing in this regard.

I would be pleased about an honest, open education about the individual vaccines thatAbout a "Caning all take" or "just go out" goes out. I want to waste.

Protection from Covid to the back of the back, which vaccine has the slightest damage potential for the body?


Do not do you so crazy .... side effects are always available in all drugs .. thinking how many people were vaccinated with biontech how many have complications ... even at Astra is that Low .... I got my 2nd Biontech vaccine in February and had no side effects ... better vaccination than Covid, because you have more "side effects"


I would be interested in where you know this information. There will be no vaccination obligation, but it's just hard to do if you want something. Cinema, eat, disco, theater, concerts and so on. Moderna and Bionthek have been developed from a remedy against cancer that years is on the market for years.

I think that helps you.


According to reports, cross-vaccinations with Astra and Biontech and 3 Months distance between both vaccinations of absolute boosters against the virus. I had no significant, side effects either. I also do not know anyone with side effects.


As far as I know, there has not been a great bad side effects on any of them.

I have my vaccination now One and a half months or what Rum is from Johnson & Johnson and can say, except for some muscles in the arm over 2 days I had no significant complications.


At Sputnik V you seem Something to be usedChels. According to data, this vaccine is the plopy of Biontech, which is concerned about the effectiveness in nothing. If stop in the EU gets no approval, which of course is politically conditioned.

Originally I wanted to use only a vector vaccine when already.

But AstraZeneca has a lousy effectiveness and is no longer revealed because of not insignificant side effects in some neighboring countries. In addition, ULM has found in Ulm for investigations that the vaccine is contaminated to 2-thirds with foreign matter.

Johnson & Jonhson is hard to raise here with me and moderna is ultimately biontech in green.

How was that again with the choice between Pest and Cholera?

Which vaccine is the safest: BionTech, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson?