Father has experienced by my homosexuality?

2021-08-28 08:02:04 CONSTANCE


My problem is that my father has experienced by my homosexuality.

I've been gay for several years, but he never knew that.

Mine Sister has spotted off in my absence! Now it's out!

I'm so afraid of the reaction that I have not contacted him for days. He sometimes calls me I'm afraid. I do not know how he is on the subject! Unfortunately, my mother is very homophobous.

But I also liked it very .. I do not want to disappear.

Please please I need a guide!

Thank you.


My tip is: Take off the phone. Only in the way you will learn it, then you do not have to torture yourself. Besides, if he calls several times you say I think he does not think it's bad. And the good thing about a call is that you can hang up in Worst Case Scenario at any time


Just talk to him.

hide, head into the sand does not change, but only brings trouble, and bad karma.

If he is also homophobic, does not change nothing.

If he But understand you, you are doing to you with ignoring, not answers no favor. Therefore.

Get the attitude to you of your father. So talk to him.

costs only 1 call.


Take off. ifHe calls so often he wants to tell you that it does not matter to him. Whether you are on men, women or bi, you are still the same person. If I had a gay buddy, that would not be bad as long as he does not want me and welcomes me, he is for me like other buddies and budgies and is treated with respect


I believe Both parents already know it. Especially mothers have a 6th sense of something! Be no child and talk. Through talk, people come together.


What does the mother say at all? Anyway, the conversation should seeking to talk to the father. If both do not accept that knows where you're done. Live the way you want that.

Father has experienced by my homosexuality?